Different Types Of Cover Block Use At Construction Site

Different Types of Cover Block Use at Construction Site!


Cover Block: – 

  • Cover block shall be provided to keep the bars in position.
  • Cover block shall be same grade of concrete as that of concrete member in which cover block are placed.

  • It shall be not less than the diameter of the reinforcement bar.


Clear cover to all reinforcement shall be as follows


1.     Slabs                               = 20 mm or dia. of bar whichever is greater.

2.     Beam , (Stirrups/Link)    = 25 mm

3.     R.C.C Wall (General) 

·        Vertical Bar (Inner face)   = 25mm.                                       

·        Vertical Bar (Earth face)   = 40mm

4.     Footings  = 50 mm

5.     Raft 

·     Top = 50 mm 

·     Bottom    = 60 mm


6.     Column  / Boundary Elements :

                ·        Face up to 230 mm 

40 mm to main bar

·        Face more than 230 mm

       40 mm to Ties /Link

7.     Water Tank and STP Walls

·        Water face/Earth face = 40 mm

·        Dry Face =  25 mm


·     Top = 25 mm or Dia of bar whichever is greater.

·     Bottom= 40 mm


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