Modulus of elasticity of Concrete

 As per IS 456 : 2000 Clasue  Page No. 16.

Modulus of elasticity of Concrete can be calculated by following formula:

Ec = 5000 √fck N/mm2 

Where Ec is short term static modulus of electricity.

Actual measured values may differ by plus minus 20 % from the values obtained from the above expression.

Example :- 

Q. As per IS 456:2000 , which one of the following correctly expresses the modulus of elasticity of Concrete ? 

a) Ec = 0.7 √fck N/mm2

b) Ec = 500 √fck N/mm2

c) Ec = 5000 √ fck N/mm2

d) Ec = 5700√fck N/mm2

Correct Answer is c ) Option.

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